[OutVoice] New GLBTI Music Download Service

Ray Musicbear Musicbear at comcast.net
Thu Jun 22 11:41:39 EDT 2006

Hi Everyone,

My friend, Sampleman7, (Dennis Jozefowicz), is in the planning stages of
starting his
very own GLBTI Music Download Service.  He would like to have input from
artists.  Please stop by the forums and offer your comments and suggestions.
He would sincerely appreciate it.

Ray Musicbear

Hello GLBT artists!
     Some of you may know me as "Sampleman7", but my real name is Dennis
Jozefowicz. I am planning on starting a new music download service that
serves the GLBT market exclusively.  While in the planning stages, I invite
all GLBT artists and musicians to help in the planning process, covering
everything from royalty payments, to user interface.
     The forums are pretty much "standard", and easy to use.  You do NOT
have to join the hosting website's community to post in this specific forum,
and can remain annonymous.  (The hosting site is also a gay web site.)  You
can reach this forum at:
     Thanks to everyone in advance for input and ideas, maybe we all can be
a success together!
Dennis Jozefowicz
dennis at sampleman7.com 

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