[OutVoice] inspiration, take five

jazzdrew212 at aol.com jazzdrew212 at aol.com
Sat Jun 17 13:55:33 EDT 2006

Fellow outsters,
   This past OMA weekend was great and very inspiring to myself as a 
tune smith, and I am sure to many other writers and performers in (and 
out of) Outmusic.
   Now, I am finally looking ahead to a new recording project. I have 
written enough material, but, sometimes, the arrangement makes the 
piece, no? I do all this "work" at the piano; however, I am limited by 
my technique--so a studio with great players is where I shine (assuming 
that I do shine, that is).
   After my last project, BLUE PASSION, I said I will not do this again 
(unless someone else pays for this!). Priorities change as you age...
   Thanks, as always, to Dan & Michael and to Ed & all the volunteers in 
Outmusic. Also, congrats to the winners!
 Drew Paralic
2002 OMA recipient, Outstanding Songwriter
2004 OMA nominee, Outstanding Instrumental Recording
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