[OutVoice] Kevin Aviance, fellow brother of the GLBT music scene, attacke...

Terry Christopher enterrytainer at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 11 22:11:32 EDT 2006

  I have been thinking the same thing all day.  I know many performers don't have insurance.  I would think Kevin is going to need something in the near future especially since he'll be missing upcoming appearances for Pride events and the $$$ associated with those gigs.  If anyone reads this and is tight with his publicist/team, please let us know if there is anything we can do to help him out.  I will volunteer to coordinate whatever and help out as much as possible.   

BMGNedra at aol.com wrote:
      Is there anything we can do as a musician's community to help Kevin in his healing process?  Anyone know what he needs now beyond the medical?  Does he have insurance?  Do we need to start trying to help with fundraising for him?
  Ideas?  Anyone?

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