[OutVoice] Another TC review picked up this time for Robin Renee

Terry Christopher enterrytainer at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 7 18:31:50 EDT 2006

GREAT NEWS!!! The review I did of Robin Renee's performance was picked up!  It was also labeled an expert review by the site itself.  Also one person who read Robin's review left this juicy tidbit.
  "This review is so professionally written that one has to either salute your genuine exceptional talent as a writer and / or wonder if you are not this performer's manager or similar. Apologies for any misplaced humour, but this review really is exceptionally well written".
  The other key note and this just is lucky alpha order but Roger Kuhn's review is right after Robin Renee's and just below Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc... 2 GLBT indie artist getting exposure...it's about empowerment kids, empowerment of ones self and our divinely rich music community.
  Rock on!

  "We must never turn back simply because the way may be difficult or because there are no mechanical aids for the ascent. The view is better higher up and this journey is not one for the feet but for the evolution of the soul". 

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