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Mon Jun 5 05:34:02 EDT 2006

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                           The week of 06/05/06 on
                          T H I S    W A Y    O U T
             the international gay & lesbian radio magazine
  Fond memories of pioneering bisexual researcher/educator Dr. Fritz Klein;
    The U.N. marks a grim anniversary, rights watchers demand a probe of
Moscow's Pride melee, anxiety grows over World Pride despite a court win for
     local Jerusalem organizers, Denmark's lesbians and single women win
fertility rights, Canada's census doesn't add up to equality, and more news

* In "NewsWrap": The United Nations observes the 25th anniversary of HIV/AIDS 
at a high-level conference in New York City tasked with fighting the global 
pandemic by refusing to include the highest-risk groups by name (including gay 
and bisexual men) in the 3-day meeting's final declaration... Human Rights 
Watch joins other groups calling for a full investigation into the violence at 
last week's first-ever Pride march in Moscow, and reveals information suggesting 
that Mayor Yuri Luzhkov orchestrated a sustained campaign against LGBT people 
in his city... as concerns over clashes between secular and religious 
factions at this August's World Pride event in Jerusalem are voiced, an Israeli 
District Court judge orders the municipal government to compensate organizers of 
the city's local Pride event for failing to provide funding for it, as it does 
for other cultural events, during the past 3 years... Denmark's parliament 
passes legislation to provide artificial insemination services in the country's 
public hospitals to lesbians and single women... Costa Rica's Constitutional 
Court rejects a gay lawyer's bid for marriage equality, while Canadian activists 
complain about the "second class" status of married same gender couples on the 
country's 2006 census form... DC Comics' Batwoman is reborn and will soon be 
"coming out" of her Batcave -- literally  (written by GREG GORDON and reported 
this week by CHARLS HALL and JON BEAUPRE).

* DR. FRITZ KLEIN -- whose groundbreaking expansion on Kinsey's theories 
pioneered research into bisexuality -- died on May 24h at the age of 73 in San 
Diego, California.  He was born in Vienna, Austria in 1932 and as a boy fled to 
the U.S. with his family to escape the onslaught of Nazism.  Klein studied 
medicine at Bern University in Switzerland and received an MBA from Columbia 
University in New York.  Early in his 30-year career as a board-certified 
psychiatrist, he placed an ad in New York's venerable "Village Voice" newspaper in an 
effort to fill the gap in the scientific understanding of bisexuality.  That 
led to the development and publication of his "Klein Grid," first published in 
1978, and his founding of numerous bi-related organizations, publications and 
Web sites.  "This Way Out" correspondent HEATHER KITCHING in Vancouver, B.C. 
hosted a tribute to Fritz Klein on her "Queer FM" radio program in late May with 
two bi activists who shared their recollections of his life and work -- 
ALEXEI GUREN of Tuscon, Arizona and JENSEN DIDULO of Vancouver, B.C. -- which she's 
been kind enough to share with us [www.bisexual.org].
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