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                  = SEASON'S GREETINGS AND HAPPY 2007! =
                            THIS WAY OUT
                 the international gay & lesbian radio magazine
                      Program #978 - the week of 12/25/06
       (hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
          In an annual holiday season tradition, the music of
        Darren, Levi Kreis, Jen Foster, Josh Zuckerman, Ferron,
    Jason & deMarco, and Nedra Johnson is proudly featured in the
                    "AUDIOFILE 2006 YEAR IN REVIEW"

* Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender artists brought us an exceptional 
variety of music during the past year.  As always, narrowing them down to just a 
few was no easy task, but CHRIS WILSON, JD DOYLE and CHRISTOPHER DAVID 
TRENTHAM share seven of their favorites from the past 12 months in the "AUDIOFILE 
2006 YEAR IN REVIEW": excerpts from "Spread The Love" and "The Limit" from 
DARREN's "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE";  the title cut and "Man Outta Me" from LEVI KREIS' 
"ONE OF THE ONES";  the title cut and "Taking Bob Dylan" from JEN FOSTER's 
"THE UNDERDOGS";  "How Long Am I Supposed To Be Alone" and the title cut from 
JOSH ZUCKERMAN's "OUT FROM UNDER";  "More Than That" and the title cut from 
FERRON's "TURNING INTO BEAUTIFUL";  "Stormy Weather" and "Trying to Get To You" 
from JASON & DEMARCO's "TILL THE END OF TIME," along with "Trying To Get To You 
– the remixes EP Tracy Young Radio Edit";  and "Ahha It's a Good Thing" and 
"Anyway You Need Her" from NEDRA JOHNSON's "NEDRA".
                       Darren: www.darrenmusic.com
                      Levi Kreis: www.levikreis.com
                      Jen Foster: www.jenfoster.com
                  Josh Zuckerman: www.joshzuckerman.com
                         Ferron: www.ferron.com
                Jason & deMarco: www.jasonanddemarco.com
                  Nedra Johnson: www.nedrajohnson.com
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