[OutVoice] New Boys' Entrance!

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Wed Dec 13 17:01:22 EST 2006

Hey Friends and Fans,
Sorry for the silence, but I have been preparing the new Boys' Entrance cd. So far, it looks like there will be 15 tracks! Very sweet. I promise you are going to dig it.

This week, I want to share two previously unreleased tracks. 

First is a demo of the classic T Rex track, "The Slider" for all my GLAM enthusiast fans. Let me know if you love it. It tastes of Love and Rockets.

The second is the first digital release of "Light In The Darkness" from "Exit or Entrance, the first B.E. full-length release.

Happy Holidays!
Tim Cain
"I am resplendent in divergence." - D. Byrne

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