[OutVoice] Uh-oh, "The Timinator" is getting beat up...

Gordon P. Smith gosmith at nyc.rr.com
Mon Dec 11 10:56:57 EST 2006

Wow! At the start of this week, The Timinator is taking a pounding by Blue
October, in the Duke's New Music Playoffs. If you think he should live one
more week as reigning champion, then please head over to the voting page and
put in your 2 cents for Rubberlegs:


Polls are open all week, and the show will be replayed Thursday at 1 PM EST
on RGIN at http://loudcity.com/station/528.aspx

Thanks for all the outstanding support! Especially to Terry, for forwarding
last week's e-mail to all his peeps!


Gordon P. Smith 
2006 Outmusic Award nominee for
"Outstanding New Recording Duo or Group"

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