[OutVoice] Vote For LGBT Artists On RGIN's New Music Playoffs

Bill Northrup billnor at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 11:29:49 EST 2006

For those of you that missed The Duke's New Music Playoffs internet radio
show on RGIN http://loudcity.com/station/528.aspx 10 AM-Noon EST the results
are in and it's time to cast your votes for this weeks polls. You can listen
to the replay Thursday 1 PM EST. The New Music Playoffs can also be heard on
BNCI-FM http://bcnifm.com/ So this is added exposure for the artists

You can cast your votes at The Duke's New Music Playoffs
Polls will be open all week.

This week the LGBT artist matchups are

Matchup #1
George Strait: It Just Comes Natural (0-1)
30 Seconds To Mars: From Yesterday (0-1)
Gregory Douglass: Into The Sunset (0-1)

Matchup #2
Brad Paisley: She's Everything (2-1)
Bowling For Soup: High School Never Ends (2-1)
Ember Swift: Some Fine Day (2-1)

Matchup #3
Jewel: Good Day (3-1)
Disturbed: Land Of Confusion (3-1)
Susan Souza: Held Her (3-1)

Matchup #4
Keyth Lawrence: Mint (0-0)
Leah Zicari: Thursday In December (0-0)

Matchup #5
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Snow (Hey Oh) (2-0)
Shawn Thomas: Kickin' Back (2-0)

Championship Match Up
Blue October: Into The Ocean (3-0)
Rubberlegs: The Timinator (5-0) (Reigning Champion)

So go vote today and show some support for the LGBT artists and while you're
there vote for some of the other new music.

If any LGBT artists would like to submit a song for the playoffs contact me.


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