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freddy at freddyfreeman.com freddy at freddyfreeman.com
Thu Aug 31 12:12:27 EDT 2006

I am all for freedom of expression. I hate censorship. 
However, I dont want DJ's of radio shows, to have the extra hassle of having to worry about 
not playing one my songs because they may get fined for my use of the word Fuck in a direct quotation of a friend in a story song. Although the use of the word is integral to the plotline, it wont lose it's impact if it is bleeped out, as the listenener will know what its supposed to be. I'd rather not do this, but if it will present a problem for radio programmers, as I said, it can be done without changing the meaning. I ship the masters off to be manufactured in a few days and I am considering bleeping out the word. 

The question is this, How MUCH of the word needs to be bleeped out ? 
The only information I could find online, is that the FCC does not actually have a list of banned words and everything is contextual.   

Do any of you radio people have any thoughts on this or know what is acceptable and not acceptable? 
Would you play a song with a bleeped Fuck in it, have things changed, can you now play it unbleeped? 
Just looking for some feedback from Y'all 

Freddy Freeman 
Singer Songwriter 
Founder of Bearapalooza
BREAK THE SILENCE - December2006 

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