[OutVoice] "QueerWaves" 08/12--Kris Landherr and other Queer Noises

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Sat Aug 12 22:25:10 EDT 2006

Dear Outsters--
Well, "QueerWaves" was a jam-packed hour o' fun today with a visit from  Kris 
Landherr AND a look at/listen to a great new anthology import, QUEER NOISES  
1961-1978: FROM THE CLOSET TO THE CHARTS. You can find Kris' CD WILL RASSEL 
FOR  FOOD and keep up with his schedule at _http://www.krislandherr.com_ 
(http://www.krislandherr.com) . QUEER NOISES  may be a bit more of a challenge, but 
worth it.
Here's what you'd have heard if you listened caught us on 91.7fm KOOP  Austin 
TX around 3pm this afternoon, or if you had linked up to the webcast at  
_http://www.koop.org_ (http://www.koop.org)  instead..
KRIS LANDHERR/"A Bipolar Love Affair (The Seratonin Song)/Waiting For My  Man 
(Maori Mix)/Sticks And Stones/Fat Girls Snore"/Will Rassel for Food
JOSE (the divine Empress Norton)/"At The Black Cat,"
BYRD E. BATH & RODNEY DANGERFIELD/"Florence Of Arabia," and
THE TORNADOS/"Do You Come Here Often?"/Queer Noises 1961-1978: From the  
Closet to the Charts 
(Which started a Joe Meek set..)
ALAN MOORE AND TIM PERKINS/"No. 1 With A Bullet"/The Highbury Working
THE TORNADOS/"Telstar"/It's Hard to Believe It: The Amazing World of Joe  Meek
JOHNNY RAY/"Ooh! Aah! Oh!"/High Drama: The Real Johnny Ray
Keep cool as you can, darlin's--Taylor
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