[OutVoice] this week's focus (foci? that sounds dirty..) on "QueerWaves"

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Sat Aug 12 12:01:22 EDT 2006

Dear Outsters--
This week on "QueerWaves," Kris Landherr will stop by. He's got a new CD,  
WILL RASSEL FOR FOOD, and we'll catch up with the latest going-on of this  
musician/producer. If that ain't enough, we'll  also focus (see, I got  to use that 
word again!) on the new anthology, QUEER NOISES 1961-1978: FROM THE  CLOSET 
So tune in to "QueerWaves" on 91.7fm KOOP Austin TX at 3pm this  Saturday..or 
link to our live webcast at _http://www.koop.org_ (http://www.koop.org)  if 
you're not lucky enough to  live in Austin..
Be there.
Aloha, Taylor  

"QueerWaves"--Taylor Cage, host and producer
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