[OutVoice] ..fair warning.."QueerWaves" returns this Saturday..and more..

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Fri Aug 4 21:10:07 EDT 2006

Dear Outsters--
Just when you thought  you had no reason to continue, "QueerWaves" returns to 
the airwaves with a  special episode--"QueerWaves Goes Outside" for summer 
fun, wholesome and un-.  We'll start dancin' in the street with Laura Nyro and 
LaBelle and end up  brushin' off sand with Michael Holland--in between we'll 
hear music from Steven  Grossman, Jimmie Spheeris, Dusty Springfield, Arthur 
Russell, "Rocky Horror"  alumni Tim Curry and Little Nell, Jayne County, and some 
other summer  delights..
And if that's not enough Taylor for your day, I'll be joining  Dennis for a 
true "Adventures in Sound"--and god knows what you'll hear there.  Surely, some 
Doodles Weaver..ah, Dream Weaver..
That's "Adventures in Sound"  at 1pm Central time, and of course "QueerWaves" 
at 3pm Central--this Saturday on  91.7fm KOOP Austin TX or as close as your 
browser on our live webcast at  http://www.koop.org for the cyber-inclined..
Kowabunga, dudes..
Love,  Taylor
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