[OutVoice] Playlist 08/04/04

The Quest of Life questoflifemusic at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 4 13:57:13 EDT 2006

WRPI, Troy 91.5 FM
  De-Briefing - Tony Barre - Barre Maneuvers
  Stickleback - Al Start- GO
  Dear Mr. President (Featuring the Indigo Girls) - Pink featuring Indigo Girls - I'm Not Dead
  Tula - Karma - Don't Walk Fly
  Any Way You Need Her - Nedra Johnson - Nedra
  Swallowed Whole - Lucas Mire - Forever's Not As Long As It Used To Be
  SOS - Parker House and Theory - Slide Down
  Thank God Virginia (New Mix) - Brady Earnhart - (free download at bradyearnhart.com)
  Love Who You Love - Christian Andreason - The Rhythm of Life
  I See Love - John Deyling - Mission On Earth
  What's Your Name - Roger Kuhn - Proof
  Standing At Your Window - Andy Fraser - Naked..And Finally Free
  Sweet Mistake - Adrianne - Down To This
  Peace - Fruit - The Trio Album (Live At The Chruch)
  Natural - Mike Rickard - Stirred Not Shaken
  Young James Dean - Girlyman - Little Star
  The Underdogs - Jen Foster - Songs from the Underdogs
  Play-list posted after the show at: www.soundoutmusiclive.com
  Harry Faddis 
Steve Sims 
The Quest of Life 
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