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John Raymond Pollard "Perfect" CD cover and website link. Martin Swinger "Moon" CD cover and website link. Charles K Brown "Trouble Is" CD cover and website link. Sugarbeach "Come On Out" Theme song for Vacouver Outgames 2011 Shawn Thomas' "Covered and Created" CD cover and link to Shawn's website. 
Newest SWS Network Member & Official music video source for the SWS Network! Burning Nopal "Rainbow Revolution" CD cover and website link. Mark Barnes "Gabby's Song" A Tribute to Gabrielle Giffords artwork and website link. Nhojj "Adam & Steve" art and website link.

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OutVoice February 2012 Top Twenty CD Chart 


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Congratulations Artists!!
Position Artist CD
1 John Raymond Pollard "Perfect" *
2 Martin Swinger "Moon "  *
3 Charles K Brown "Trouble Is"  *
4 Norine Braun "No. 8"  *
5 Linq "Life Goes On" *
6 Shawn Thomas "Covered and Created"  *
7 Don Harvey "Good Clean Fun"   *

Roger Anthony "Yolanda" Mapes

"House Of Joy" *
9 Kendall "Truth Changes"*
10 Vontanner "Wedding Bell Blues" *
11 Tommy Johns "Heading Into Tomorrow"  *
12 Freddy Freeman "Break the Silence"   *
13 Rhythma "Between the Lines" *
14 Avi Wisnia "Something New" *
15 John Small "Demos and Rough Mixes" *
16 Kiya Heartwood "Bold Swimmer" *
17 SUGARBEACH "Not Deserted"  *

Levi Kreis

"Live @ Joe's Pub"  *

19 Jeffery Straker "Under The Soles Of My Shoes"  *
20 Anna Gutmanis "Glimmer In The Dark" *

347 voters in February, 336 voters in January.

* indicates music in library 
Bold print indicates an artist participant.

In order to establish a chart for a particular month there must be at least 100 voters for that month. 

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